Red Dirt Film Festival Returns to Stillwater March 2-5

Red Dirt Film Festival will bring hundreds to Stillwater to screen original, unreleased films, attend panels and networking events, to listen to live music and to build Oklahoma’s film industry.  This year, all film showings are open to the public at the Seretean Center, OSU campus.

 STILLWATER, OK—(February 24, 2017) – Red Dirt Film Festival returns to Stillwater March 2, with a VIP party at Backstage Stillwater, followed by three days of free showings of unreleased, original movies, live music and networking events for filmmakers and anyone interested in Oklahoma’s film industry.

Since 2013, Red Dirt Film has brought people from around the world to Stillwater. A generous collaboration with OSU Theatre Department will make it possible for festival goers to see all the film screenings for free, and organizers are expecting a record number of attendees to the events at the Vivia Locke Theater at the Seretean Center for Performing Arts on OSU campus.

This year, the festival is growing into other entertainment media with the inauguration of the No-Coast Music Fest. Joe Mack, Aaron Hale, Bethany Keen and Tress Dudes will play No Coast Music, March 3, at Eskimo Joe’s.

“This year’s No-Coast will be a small showcase of local artists,” said Rhett Bryan, director of the music event. “We are hoping to grow it into a festival for Oklahoma’s music industry.”

Red Dirt was recently named one of the Top 100 Reviewed Film Fests by Film Freeway, the top film fest clearinghouse in the world. While Red Dirt Film is run by volunteers, last year’s fest brought in an estimated $300,000 to the local business community.

To stay informed about the latest developments in the Red Dirt Film community, follow them on Facebook (@RedDirtInternationalFilmFestival) or visit the website at for a complete list of official film selections and the festival schedule.


Executive Director – Damon Blalack (405) 880-0276

PR Director – Honey D. Hallock (405) 714-7421                                    Prepared by Communitas Productions


Thursday March 2nd

5:00 pm-7:30 VIP/Filmmaker Party   Backstage Stillwater. 100 E. 7th Ave, Stillwater, OK 74074

8:00– 9:00      Horror/Thriller Panel

9:15                Born Again(7 min) , Eat Organic(9), The Root Cellar(15), The Last Broadcast(11),                         Psychotropical (15), The Call (20), Q&A

10:50              ALTAR (84), Q&A

Friday March 3

11:00 am        Filmmaker Panel (all filmmakers invited)

12:45 pm        Priyanath (11 min)The Resurrection Club (25),  The Double Cross (17),  Colt 13                             (13), Love Is (6), Q&A

2:15                 The Opera Singer (3), Blue (19), 95 Decibels (28), Q&A

3:20                 Cotton String (64), Q&A

4:30                 The Usual Silence(5), DADA(17), Any Day Now(20), 20 Meters of Love in                                        Montmartre(5), Four Pies (13), Q&A

5:45                Shadow of the Missing (86), Q&A

7:30                Brother Valentine (30),   Who Is Riley Oaks? (20), Q&A

8:30                The Last Beautiful Girl (87), Q&A

10:00-pm    No Coast Music Fest Eskimo Joe’s Music/Party! With Joe Mack, Bethany                                 Keen, Aaron Hale, Tyler Siems & Tres Dudes   

Saturday March 4

11:00 am        Screenplay Readings:  Six Legged Couch, Dead Sprint, The Devil’s Gun,                                      Everyone’s Gone to the Moon, 23 Days

11:00 am        The Promise (74)

12:30 pm        Ten Thousand Camels (13), No Less Than a Man (9), Heartsick (25), Yes,We’re                           Open (14), For Your Sins (3), Q&A

2:00                Panel: Why This Is An Exciting Time To Be An Indie Filmmaker

3:45                Bunee: The Boy From Constanta (15), Breakery (14), High Signs (13), Q&A

4:45                Rough Cut – Episode 3 (66), Q&A

6:00                Hate Crime (92), Q&A

7:50                Still Sophie (7), Don’t Sell My Guitars (20), The Bulleteers (9), Let the Bodies                              Hit the Floor (7), Birthday Boy (8), Q&A

9:00                DUMBBELLS (92), Q&A

10:30              Party: Willie’s Saloon (State Room) 323 S. Washington St.  Stillwater, OK

Sunday March 5

11:00 am        Film Festival Organizers Summit (Green Room), (Festival Directors and                                    Organizers)

11:00              Running Up That Hill(5), A Way Out (14), Worth the Wait (11), Okay, OK                                       (20), Trapped (12), Circus City, USA (30), Q&A 

12:45 pm        A Funny Man (13), Alma Avira (8), Cosmico (3), Unleavened Bread (9), In Exile                         (11), Gone (15), Q&A

2:00                SWIRL (6), SPEECHLESS (6), In The Blink  (5), Shiloh (30), The Pickle (14), Q&A

3:15                Sketches (6), Prisoner of Perdition (23), Writers Block (6), Curpigeon (10), 21                               Guns (18),

4:30                Boomtown (41), Q&A

6:00                Awards Ceremony!  Vivia Locke Theater